Sunshine = Mood Booster

Happy Hump Day! It is a huge mood booster to see the sun shining so brightly!

This is going to seem like it is coming from way out in left field, but I do have a point. It has been snowing on and off in Milwaukee for the past few days. Jeremy has been working very late and hasn’t had a chance to shovel the sidewalks or driveway (we live in a corner house so we have a larger sidewalk responsibility than our neighbors). My sister Angela stopped over yesterday around 11 am to pick up Mason from preschool with me. We had lunch and then Mason took a nap.

She left to go pick up her boyfriend Kurt around 1 pm, and brought him back to my house because I was making soup for everyone (my sisters and boyfriends usually come over for dinner once a week, sometimes more. I love having a house full of people). Kurt had just clocked a ton of overtime as well, but he took it upon himself to grab a shovel out of my garage and take care of the sidewalks and driveway. He did not have to do that, the same way he does not have to help me with dishes or take out the garbage. But he does those things because I truly believe he cares for my sister deeply, and her family is now important to him because we are important to her.

My point is that all I want for both of my little sisters is happiness. Kurt is such a good man, and I’m glad he came into Angela’s life. Love you, Kurt!

In other news, Mason had been asking me for the past 4 weeks to come to chapel with him. His school begins their day on Wednesdays with a fun service in their church. I had been telling him that I would go into work an hour later one of these weeks so that I could sit with him, but I always forgot and by the time we arrived at his school, I told him that I promised I would make it happen the next week; that I was sorry. Shame on me.

Being that I no longer have to rush to work on Wednesdays, I was able to go to chapel with him today. He was thrilled. He sat next to me and said “I love going to chapel with you, Mommy.”. I wanted to die of cuteness overload. I felt so bad that I had not kept my word in the past. Hearing his little voice singing along to the songs was the sweetest thing I ever heard.

Well, I am off to pick Mason up from preschool. Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!