The 52 Lists Project- List 29

Quite the gloomy afternoon out there in MKE, isn’t it? I don’t mind it at all, it makes me feel calm and focused, if not a bit sleepy. I have been enjoying the glorious heat we have been having around here too, but a slight cool-down will be welcome.

It may seem like I have jumped waaaay ahead in the 52LP (ummm.. last time I  checked, 3 comes after 2, not 29.). The book is set up so that the list topics are season-themed, so  I wanted to skip ahead to the list that coincides with this week, and will finish the book on List 28. Without further ado,




  • Ballerina– I danced ballet, tap, and jazz for many years in a small studio in Bay View. In my early-teenage mind, I truly wanted to teach ballet or perform professionally. Such a dream would have taken tremendous resources that my family just did  not have. When I look back  on that time, I can’t help but feel a teeny bit sad that such a career choice is rare, and few and far between in our community.
  • Waitress– One of the first memories I have is of playing with a white plastic tea set with black flowers in the early ’90s with my Grandparents. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded “A waitress”. I enjoyed pretend-serving, as most little girls do. I worked for a few years in a Cousins Subs shop, but that’s the closest I have ever gotten to food or serving it. Good thing too, because I am a huge klutz, and I can see the tumbling trays now…
  • Children’s Book Illustrator– My sisters and I spent countless days in our childhood drawing. It didn’t stop there, we would create stories: cut paper into squares, stack them, staple them together, write the stories on the pages and illustrate them. The stories were based off of adventures our dolls had, or family experiences. I can’t imagine drawing like that now, but my sister Charmaine is still super talented in this  area! Her paintings and drawings are amazing, I will post pictures of them sometime.


  • Owner of an Antique, Vintage, and Collectibles shop in downtown MKE– This is where my passion lies, and it’s the reason I’m pursuing my MBA. The business is in my blood, and I know I can reach this goal someday. My current selling on Ebay, Etsy, and even the time and effort I put into this blog are all stepping stones to success.
  • Author– I suppose I already am, of sorts. Perhaps I should clarify and label this published author. Fiction may be interesting (I started-and never finished- a few books in high school, some 200 pages long or more.), but I would enjoy writing a self-help book, or contribute regularly to a magazine.
  • CEO– Lofty? Perhaps. But that sort of thing doesn’t bother me anymore. I don’t scare too easily at hard work. If I could lead a business that allows me to be successful, profitable, and energetic, while also sharing my talents and passion with the world, it would be a dream job to be proud of!

What are some of your childhood and/or current dream jobs? The possibilities are endless! Sound off in the comments, and enjoy your evening!