Tuesday’s Thoughts- On Uncertainty

I consider myself blessed to say that there have not been many instances in my life that serve to remind me just how fragile life is, and how everything you know can change in an instant.

My thoughts tonight are what I would actually do with myself if certain crucial aspects of my life were compromised or lost. What would I do if my house burned down? How would I handle myself if I were to lose a limb or become blind? How would my life be impacted if my husband lost his job? What would happen if I were to become terminally ill or injured? It’s so easy for me to brush these possibilities off because they would never happen to me.

My boss and friend Torie was badly injured in a moped accident over the weekend. Though she has a long road to recovery ahead of her, I am so thankful that she will eventually be completely healed. I am anxious for further details about her! I was very shocked on Monday when her fiance called me at work, and as overwhelmed as I feel, I am reminded how important it is to wake up each day thankful for all that I enjoy.

Just something to ponder. xo


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