If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

I took off today. I finally cleaned the last of the mess in the kitchen from our 4th of July celebration.

Don’t judge me.

Anyway, after Mason’s bath, Liz Holtz and Charmaine joined Mason and I for one of our favorite Mommy-Has-A-Day-Off activities: spending time at the library. We usually rotate between 2 libraries- Greenfield and Central- and we decided on Central today since they aren’t as busy on early Friday afternoons, and also because they recently updated the entryway of the children’s center to a Where the Wild Things Are theme.

Liz, Charmaine, and I talked while Mason played with the train table and climbed the lighthouse. Being that he is a creature of habit, he enjoys consistency in the books we read at bedtime. That is my nice way of saying that we read the same. Damn. Books. Every. Night. For about 2 months. Sometimes 3. And then we switch. For the past month, the choices have been Bob the Builder and the Machine Team, A Book of Bedtime Prayers, Curious George and the Puppies, and Only One You.

So I gladly marched up to the counter with Mason to check out The Very Hungry Caterpillar, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, and Gerald Mc Boing Boing. Yes. Variety. Pinch me.

After the library, we stopped at Grandpa’s store and had Subway for lunch. I cannot believe that after 18 years of friendship, Liz had never been to Grandpa’s store! Talk about an oversight on my part. I was all walking around like she knew where we were going, and when I asked her if she had ever been upstairs, she goes, “Rachel…I’ve never been here at all.” Needless to say, I was happy to show her around!

Charmaine and I had a mini yoga session while Mason napped. Today we focused on balance. It’s not until you try some of the (common) poses that you realize what terrible balance (not to mention horrible coordination) you possess. Yikes. But seriously, I feel wonderful afterwards. If anyone is looking for a yoga app, I HIGHLY recommend Yoga Studio. The sessions are guided with relaxing music and a woman on the screen demonstrating. Everything is organized by level of difficulty, and then broken down by area of focus: sun salutations, balance, strength, meditation, relaxation, yoga for runners, yoga for back pain, etc. Love it!!!

Now we wait for Daddy to get home. xo


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