Le Travel Blog II

Mother’s Day in Fort Myers was lovely. Mason proudly ran out of the bedroom with cards and presents for Barb and I. It was adorable. Jer and Mason picked out 2 charms for my charm bracelet, one of an owl and another that says “Mom” with a heart. Pat and Dave bought a nice bouquet of flowers for the house for all us mothers šŸ™‚ Pat took Mason to the park and Jer and I hung out by the pool. After a relaxing morning we went shopping at the shops on the beach. Bumpa bought Mason a toy pirate ship, shark, and alligator. We stopped for lunch on the beach at Yucatan. Barb and I shared nachos, which were delicious. Mason started to get crabby so we headed back to the house to relax.

After dinner, Barb, Jer, and I took Mason to the pool for night swimming. He loves the water! It will be nice when summer comes to Milwaukee and we can take Mason swimming at the WAC on weekends. After Mason was snug in his bed, we all had some drinks and Dave, Pat, and I started the LA crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper, which turned into a 2 day event haha. We kept taking turns looking at the page to give our brains a rest. Everyone got hungry around 10 so Pat made cheeseburgers and we ate those, Mother’s Day cake, chips, and candy. It was a fun night.

Yesterday after breakfast, Pat, Jer, Mason, and I explored the islands of Sanibel and Captiva. We checked out the haunted lighthouse on Sanibel, and Mason searched for the perfect shells up and down the coast (I carried his plastic baggie :). On Captiva, we had lunch and drinks at the Mucky Duck, which was delicious.

After Mason’s nap back at the house, we had pizza at the Jolly Roger, which is apparently the only pizza place in Florida with thin crust! It seems they don’t know how to do pizza for the most part down here, which makes sense considering their emphasis on seafood.

All in all, vacation is proving to be a relaxing success! xo


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