Burnout in 3, 2, 1…

Oh Florida, where art thou?? Why do you escape me?

Not gonna lie, this past week put me through the wringer, physically and mentally. Torie and I have been busting our asses preparing for upcoming accreditation for both the Iron Block and Beerline clinics at the end of the month- painstakingly taking every detail into consideration. Whether that be presenting AAAHC powerpoints to the staff or ordering signage online (eyewash station signs, OSHA info signs, radiation area signs, etc), there was not a single relaxing moment in the entire week. Unless you count lunch from the Burgermeister truck on Water street. Yum. They had the following posted on the wall of their truck and I found it quite befitting of the week:



Doc Savaglio ended up extracting my snaggle tooth (lower incisor) on Thursday as it was determined that even after creating space with my braces, there is simply no room for it. Hopefully this drastically speeds up the time I have to wear the braces! I always joke about my experiences with the dentist because even though I don’t have a single filling, I seem to need every other procedure done. Ha. Additionally, it is ironic because even though I manage dental clinics, my dental anxiety is worse than most. I would recommend Doc Savaglio to anyone, however. I didn’t even feel the anesthetic being given! And I was numb for 5 hours. Bam.

We celebrated Niki’s birthday on Friday with dinner at DiCarlo’s and bowling at Lucky Lanes. Dinner was relaxing, but I asked Jer to take me home shortly after we arrived at the bowling alley. He of course agreed to drop me off and head back over there, but not after teasing me about what an old lady I have turned into. You guys, I am literally exhausted all the time, and I am not one of those people who turn to WebMD every time something ails them, but I admit this time I did. I typed in “extreme fatigue” and lo and behold…..

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Get more sleep
  3. Exercise

No shit, Sherlock. What I NEED is a small coma so I can escape from my life. And yes, to eat healthier (what, granola bars don’t count?!) get more sleep (on this I will defend myself- sometimes I think I get too much sleep.) and exercise (please standby while I pull all of the extra minutes in my day out of my back pocket). I am approaching burnout. And trust me, when Mommy ain’t functioning, ain’t no one functioning.

And now we have today. Sunday. A day where I usually run around like a maniac accomplishing a week’s worth of tasks, go to the gym, and squeeze in a small nap if the nap fairy decides to make a pit stop. Today I woke up with an awful sore throat, and Jer woke up with Mason. Sometimes we trick Mason into letting us sleep longer by surrendering our phones to him, but today he was soaked through with pee. Not happening, little man.

I was very grateful to Jer for letting me sleep in (and having coffee ready for when I finally did decide to face the world). He and Mason spent the morning with Dave looking for a new lawn mower (we didn’t have one in Greendale), deciding where to build the deck for the backyard, and taking measurements in the basement for our bar. Jer decided that he will pull up the carpet in the area where the bar will be, and add a small sink and fridge. Thank God for Dave’s help!

I hope you all have an amazing week! Remember to take time for yourself whenever possible!



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