Upcoming Vacation, Overdue Library Books, and Budding Leaves

Happy Thursday Friends!


These last 2 weeks have been eventful and very busy with many deadlines (I’m looking at you, AAAHC accreditation, K3 enrollment paperwork, overdue library books, and birth control prescription with no refills left! <— Eeek.). I have managed to carefully sidestep becoming sick with whatever bug has been floating around the office and my home *fist pump* *knock on wood with both hands*.

Jer, Mason, and I will be visiting Dolly and Pat at their new place in Fort Myers in May. Originally Jer was not going to join us, as he does not have any paid vacation at this time, but he agreed to take a week unpaid. Mason and I, along with Barb and Dave will stay an additional week and few days. Words cannot express how much I need a vacation! My mental sanity depends on it, lest it shrivel up and die. I can’t wait to explore all the areas around Fort Myers Beach! I already have a list going of places I want to see. All of that said, it will be fun (and interesting!) to see how Mason reacts to the change of pace.

Spring seems to finally be upon us, ever-so-slightly… and just in time for Easter! It’s a lovely thing to hear birds chirping in the morning from my desk at work, and seeing tiny green buds on the branches. It truly is a beautiful time of year.

I won’t be a stranger. xo


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