little lovelies

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend, and to my local friends: how about that sunshine?! ♥ Every week I will be sharing a roundup of things that stood out to me online this week; be it a product, quote, website, photo, or basically anything else you can think of! Enjoy *

  1. This Kate Spade serving dish. Come on.
  2. Floating glass terrariums. I found these pretty ones on Etsy.. I would like to add some of these to my offices!
  • I have been on a spicy kick lately, thanks to Jimmy for messing up my sandwich order from Pita Pit last week and me actually liking the extra spice! These buffalo chicken wraps look wondrous…
  • HOBNAIL FOR DAYS. I am as obsessed with Hobnail as I am with Carnival Glass. I must have these.

* Have a good night, and a productive, blessed week! xo *


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