Winter Blues

winter blues

♥ 12 more days till Spring!! ♥

Hallelujah. Now, just because the calendar reads “first day of Spring” does not mean that we will suddenly be enveloped in warm breezes and tulips. Winter doesn’t release its clutches that quickly! Damn. I won’t put winter jackets and boots into storage just yet..

Yesterday Jer was working on a friend’s car in his t-shirt (didn’t personally think it was THAT warm..), and Mason ran around in the garage and driveway shrieking with joy. He is as sick of the enclosed house as I am, believe me. I will say though, that I am glad the sun has been shining lately, and the temperature hovers just above freezing, which is a BIG deal around here!

So, friends, be strong!! Spring is on its way! Read my thoughts below if you’re still feeling the need to beat the dreaded winter blues:

  • Challenge yourself. Jer, Mason, and I joined the Wisconsin Athletic Club at the beginning of the year. I challenged myself to attend as many zumba classes as I can, as well as work on upper body strength, cardio endurance, and toning my behind. It truly helps beat the chilly weather when I am hot, sweaty, and feeling good about myself! I also challenged myself to re-list items in my Etsy shop, Dear Amaryllis. The re-listing has begun! No time to mope about the temperature when I am keeping myself busy with researching and selling vintage wares!
  • Plan fun weekends. Even if it is just planning to head to the library, shopping with my sisters, or taking Mason somewhere fun like The Domes, I certainly don’t care what the weather is like outside if it is toasty warm inside!
  • Surround yourself with pops of color. It may seem silly but I bought almost every yellow thing I could find at Target last week: yellow frame, yellow planter, yellow cardigan, yellow towels, yellow toothbrush.. you get the idea. There is something about a bright color that has such a positive effect on my mood. I even find myself wearing colorful jewelry and tops to work. Take that, dirty snow on the side of the road.

What are you doing to stay sane during these last chilly months? xo


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