Salt. Rain. Sun.

I love Milwaukee. Then winter comes. I threaten to move and then quickly remember that I could not bring myself to actually move. At least not at this point in my life.

MKE is my home.

I have heard many people say that the residents in states where there are no “seasons” envy those of us in states that do. I can see where they would envy seasons, just not the shitty ones. And I don’t even mean winter as a whole. I just mean the whole chunk of time after the joy of the holidays have worn off between January 2nd and the beginning of April where all you can see for miles and miles are barren tree branches, dirty snow on the sides of the roads, and white powder on your vehicles and best suede boots, left over from the rock salt on the streets to ensure we don’t all kill ourselves on ice.

So much for getting a car wash last weekend. At least it took one layer of salt off.

Sigh. Seasons. I am getting antsy for the ones where Jer and I don’ fight over the thermostat. Well at least not regarding the fact that it is NOT warm enough in the house. Yeah, ok, Mr. Sleep-With-A-Wind-Tunnel-Sized-Box-Fan.

Yep, suffice it to say that here in Milwaukee, depending on what season you’re in (and sometimes not depending on… 2 years ago it was 70 degrees in December. Figure that one out.), you are sure to experience a wide array of temperatures and weather. One day we may all freeze to death in a polar vortex and the next I can feel my skin melting off.

Behold: my favorite things about each season (yes, even winter) in Milwaukee, WI.


The smell of clean rain. Light jackets. Tulips blossoming. Storm windows raised. New life blooming.


Spending every moment outside. Tan skin. Late nights. Daisy dukes. Grilling out. Biking adventures. Festivals. Fireworks.

fallBrightly colored leaves. Jeans and hoodies. Hot apple cider. Bonfires. Snuggling on the couch. Taking walks.

winterย Freshly fallen snow. The moon reflecting off the snow. Peppermint hot chocolate. Cozy sweaters. Warm cats.



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