V Day all Year ‘Round

There seem to be 2 main camps when it comes to Valentine’s Day: those who love every Hallmark-drenched second- the flowers, the chocolate, the wine, the almost guarantee of getting lucky…. and those who loathe everything about the holiday- the sappy statuses of those in love clogging up their news feed, the lines of procrastinating men in Pick n’ Save, the jewelry commercials…

Haters gon’ hate.

Anyway, I don’t find myself in either category. I certainly don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I love fresh roses, moscato, and chocolate covered strawberries are basically my favorite thing on the planet. I also don’t despise the holiday. I have no reason to.


I want to remember to show Jer how much I love and appreciate him every day, not just Valentine’s Day! It is wonderful that there is a day dedicated to celebrating love and what it means in every relationship, but we all need to carry the same attitude with us the other 364 days of the year. Too often we seem to forget to be thankful for our husbands, wives, partners, etc, but they are a gift!

Have a perfect day, all you love birds out there! Remember to show your love every day!


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