Mini Bucket List


I was amazed by how quickly my mind was overwhelmed when I started to contemplate all the things I want to experience and accomplish before I die. It is far more feasible for my weekend state of mind to come up with a simpler list: a list of things I hope to accomplish this year. While the technical definition of a bucket list is things one hopes to achieve in their lifetime, I still feel it is an appropriate title for this post. Unlike the resolutions I made at the beginning of this year, my “bucket list” consists of smaller goals (except, however, for the one involving a certain almost-3-year-old and his adventures in learning to use the potty). My mini-goals are:

  • Get a tattoo. While I do take pride in virgin skin, I do have a meaningful tat in mind. I want to get Mason’s birth date in roman numerals on my neck. If I ever have more babies (are you insane Rachel?!), I can easily add birthday’s vertically down my neck. In the future, I also hope to get “Whom then shall I fear?” in a swirl font on my collarbone area.
  • Learn kickboxing. Thanks, Wisconsin Athletic Club!
  • Watch a sunrise. My morning commute does not count.
  • Go wine tasting.
  • Paint the walls in my house! I am not sure whether the previous owners painted all the walls stark white because they decided to sell, or if they truly enjoyed living within all white walls. Either way, it’s creeping me out and I need to add some color. Now. Or, you know, in Spring when I can open the windows and not fumigate everyone in the house. I want to paint the kitchen yellow (to match the new backsplash, granite, and cabinets), our bedroom navy blue (or some other dark blue), the bathroom gray (to match the white, silver, and gray tiles), and Mason’s room green and blue.
  • Plant a small garden (and keep it alive)!!

What is on your bucket list?



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