Smile…Even When it is -2 Degrees


“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight” – Phyllis Diller

It is so easy to be happy in summer, when the sun is warm on your face (and visible till the evening hours), clothing is limited, and time spent outside is seemingly endless. In winter, however, it is harder for me to find reasons to be happy and relaxed, and I have a tendency to be crabby easily. And, for those who are not local, we have had almost an entire week of sub-zero temps and harsh winds (which, if you ask me, is entirely too ridiculous to deal with, and my feelings on it can be saved for another post on another day. Don’t even get me started… the fact that your face literally hurts when the temps plummet as low as they do, the way people drive when it starts to snow, how painful getting into a car that is freezing is at 6:30am.. I could go on). I am getting off topic…

It takes greater effort for me to find things to smile about amidst the snow, wind, and gray. This post is to encourage anyone who may be feeling the same way! Hey, it’s normal to feel down at this time of the year, folks! These are some things that happened this week that made me smile:

  • On Monday night, my sister Charmaine met Mason and I at our house after work and picking him up. We found the movie High School Musical on Netflix and jumped, sang, and danced around the living room with Mason. I was amazed by how many of the songs we remembered!
  • One of the doctors at work bought lunch for the whole clinic on Tuesday. We ordered from Simmer in downtown MKE. Yum.
  • As I was putting Mason to bed one night, I kissed him and he said “You kiss me?”. “Yes, baby,” I replied. “Because you love me?” Heart. Melting. Yes, baby. Very much.
  • Class was cancelled for Jer on Thursday evening due to blizzard-like conditions. Sweatpants and tv instead? Win.
  • I printed new photos and switched out the old ones in all my frames around the house.
  • When Jimmy (the security guard at work) was asked by my boss Torie and I to shovel the sidewalk outside of the clinic, he gave us his typical grumpy answer of “That’s not my job,” (as he does with most tasks we give him- showing the FedEx delivery man where to take packages, escorting visitors to the proper floor, moving things up to another floor, etc). Of course, seeing as how he has a hard exterior but is really a big softie, he ends up doing most things, even if it means running across the street to Dunkin Donuts for us. In any event, I looked out the window of my second-floor office to see Jimmy shoveling all that snow, so I took pictures and knocked on the glass so he would hear me and he looked up and made a disgusted face. It’s impossible not to laugh at Jimmy!
  • Ang and I were able to leave the house for a bit this evening. We hung out at Starbucks, and pondered the upcoming birth of her baby girl. I love girl time with her!
  • I have had the luxury of relaxing on the couch every. Single. Night. This. Week.

What made you smile this week? Don’t let the cold get you down!! xo


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