2015: Year to Strive

♥ Happy New Years Eve, y’all! ♥

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What comes to mind when pondering the beginning of a new year? Resolutions? A fresh start? A second (or third, or fourth, or one-hundredth chance? For me, it is all of these things. What has always been funny to me is that when the clock strikes at midnight, nothing physically changes. My circumstances are the same. I am the same. Yet somehow, the idea of a new year is an inspiration for so many to be better and do better.

Resolutions are a strange thing as well. In and of themselves, they are great! I mean, who wouldn’t want to vow to themselves to lose weight, to eat healthier, to spend more time with their kids, to travel, to meditate, to take more time for themselves? What’s strange is that at the beginning of a new year, motivation is high and the resolution is fresh in our minds. But year after year, its March and my resolutions that I was so dead set on accomplishing are forgotten. Ang and I watched our gym go from astonishingly crowded in January to ghost-town in April. It happens, people! And I am sick of not achieving goals for myself and for my family that I know would be such a lasting benefit and experience. I have come to think that perhaps the reason resolutions fall by the wayside is because they are unattainable. At least, for me they have been. Cutting out sugar completely? Yeah, right. Get my ass to the gym 4 times a week? HAAAAHA. ha. Perhaps, resolutions aren’t so much about doing a complete 180, perhaps they are about simply doing better than what you are now. And there is certainly no harm in that.

This year, I am renaming “resolutions”. I have decided to call them “perfectly attainable year-long mini-journeys towards self betterment”. 

This year, I will strive.

I will strive to spend one on one time with Mason daily, even if it is just to read books together. No cell phone, no emails, no interruptions No exceptions.

I will strive to eat breakfast every morning. A chocolate bar at 6am during my morning commute is not breakfast.

I will strive to save my money. Because one day I may need it. Or want a new bathtub. Whichever.

I will strive to de-clutter. I’m done holding on to things “just in case”. I probably won’t need 20 blankets in my home for any reason. You know, unless the polar vortex hits again and sticks around this time. And I have no heat. This is no longer making sense.

I will strive to make time for things I enjoy. I do not enjoy laundry. It can wait.

I will strive to follow my dreams and follow through. This means you, Etsy shop!!! It also means you, unfinished Shutterfly photo books!

I will strive to enjoy the little things.

So, 2015?! Bring It! We got this! xo


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